1. “CLUB” throughout refers to the Jaguar Caravan & Camping Club.

  2. “CHAIRMAN” shall refer to the office and not to the gender of its holder.

  3. “COMMITTEE” means persons elected or appointed to manage the Club. 

  4. “FULL MEMBER” means anyone who meets the qualifying requirements of Rule 4, has paid the appropriate fees and subscriptions and holds a valid membership card.

  5. “FAMILY MEMBER” means any child of a Full Members household, who are aged 17 and under. 

  6. “NON-UNIT MEMBER” means a single person, 18 years and over, who have no unit and rallies within a Full Members unit.

  7. “RALLY” means any meeting, social event or other function organised with the authorisation of the Committee under the auspices of the Jaguar Caravan & Camping Club 

  8. “UNIT” for the purposes of Club rallies where charges are stated to be “per unit”, as defined in Rule 32

  9. “RALLY STEWARD” is the person who has been authorised by the Committee to run the rally and who has full authority to act on their behalf

2. NAME    The Club shall be called “Jaguar Caravan & Camping Club”. 

3. OBJECTS   The objects of the Club shall be:       

  1. To further and promote the interests of caravanning and camping for the recreation and social benefits of members of the Club.        

  2. To increase the enjoyment of members pastime.        

  3. To hold rallies, meetings and other social events, all of which should be carried out in accordance with the current Code of Conduct.        

  4. To acquire equipment for the use of members attending rallies.       

  5. To observe the Country Code, Caravan Code and the Code of Conduct laid down by the Club.   

  6. To support such charities as may be approved by Committee and members.      

4. MEMBERSHIP Membership shall be open to anyone and their spouse/partner, with a unit, wishing to become full members of the Jaguar Caravan & Camping Club, and single persons without a unit, who have attained the age of 18 years and over, who will become non- unit members. 

Candidates shall make application for membership on the requisite form prescribed by the Committee and give such undertakings as may be required by them. The Committee may reject any application without explanation. There shall be two classes of membership 

  1. Full Member, as determined by membership of the Jaguar Caravan & Camping Club. 

  2. Non-Unit Member, as determined by BLCCA

5. MEMBERSHIP FEE A membership fee as determined by the Committee shall be deposited with the Club by the candidate at the time of application for membership. In the event of the applicant not being accepted to membership, the fee shall be returned.


  1. The subscription as determined by the Committee, shall be payable on 1st January each year. 

  2. Subscriptions of candidates joining at or after the AGM in any year shall cover membership until 31st December of the following year.        

  3. Members whose subscriptions have not been paid by 31st January shall cease to members.   

  4. Committee recommendation relating to subscriptions shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting.        

  5. Changes of subscription shall apply immediately to new applicants and existing members.   

7. REJOINING FEE  Those whose membership has lapsed under Rule 6c may rejoin during the same year on payment of a  rejoining fee, this shall be determined by the Committee.

8. FREE MEMBERSHIP  On the recommendation of the Committee, any member who has rendered the Club exceptional service for an extended period of time may be granted free membership. Such members shall be exempt from membership subscriptions whilst enjoying all the rights of paying members. They shall however, continue to be liable for all other dues and fees that they may incur.  Free members must apply for membership re-newal annually, and attend at least one Jaguar rally per year, failure to do so, without good reason & agreed by the committee, will result in the privilege being withdrawn and the reinstatement of fees.  

9. NOTIFYING CHANGE OF ADDRESS  The Club shall keep a register of the names and addresses of Full Members.  Every Full member is required to give notice to the Secretary of any change of address. Names of those who cease to be members shall be removed from the register.

10. EXPULSIONS   Should any member be guilty in the opinion of the Committee of a breach of the Camping Code or regulations or conduct detrimental to the reputation of the Club, the Committee may by resolution terminate their membership. Any member, whose conduct is in question, shall be entitled to attend a meeting of the Committee at which a resolution for their removal shall be proposed and heard.  

11. FINANCIAL YEAR   The financial year of the Club shall run from 1st October to 30th September.